Online! EP7 with Sondra Barker, Optimizing your Websites for Speed πŸš€

🎧 This is Online With Amr The Internet Guy!
EP 7, My guest today is Sondra Barker, She isn’t just a social media agency owner/marketer but also a Food πŸ₯‚ and Travel 🌎 Connoisseur!
Check her site out! The quality of photos and recipes are Amazing.
As you may expect, a large website with a lot of visual high-quality content comes with many challenges, and the chief challenge would be its speed! Sondra had discovered that her WordPress & Divi based website was not optimized at all and the page loading speed was slow even though she had good hosting and a good Caching plugin, so she embarked on this “long & painful” process of improving the speed and the overall page loading time of her website.